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Class, why do you think it is important to check the date of publication for your source?  Can you think of a research area that might be impacted if you were using old sources?  Please explain. 100 words count

 For many of you, most of your research may have been more of a personal nature.  What are your thoughts on how academic research might vary from personal research?  Be sure to provide some specific examples. 100 words count

 The Internet has a wealth of information on almost any topic you can imagine.  You mentioned “a student must sort through to be sure which information is reliable and truthful.”  What are some examples of how you go about determining this?  100 words count

Think about how plagiarizing someone else’s work can reduce your own knowledge. While it is important as a student to study and learn from others’ work, how can you ensure that the work you submit as a student is not plagiarized? What are some specific steps that you will take? 100 words count


Class,  what are your thoughts on the difference between intentional and unintentional plagiarism?  Why is it important to know the difference? 100 words count

   What are your thoughts on the resources you can use to make sure you aren’t unintentionally plagiarizing?  Be sure to provide some specific examples to support your thoughts. 100 words count