Find one image advertisement from internet. Then write an ex

Find one image advertisement from internet. Then write an example essay about the attractive and advantages of ad. Please attach both the essay and the image of the ad which you use to write the essay. The ad should intrigue or offend you, and it should be complex enough to merit careful analysis. In a650 word essay, analyze how this ad works. What is it trying to get the readerto do? To whom does it appeal and on what level: emotional or rational or both?How does it make this appeal? What propaganda is the advertiser using to sellthe product? Pleasenote: You may not write about yourself or about your own personal experiences. Youmust make a conclusion about something outside of you; then, you must showexamples/illustrations from the ad that support those conclusions. This meansall 1st and 2nd person speech, (I, me, we, us, you, your,yours) must be completely eliminated unless you quote directly from theadvertisement.Useacademic language. This means making sure all of the verbs are in the sametense; eliminating contractions, clichés and slang speech (except when quoting);and proofreading slowly and repeatedly to ensure that all sentences arecomplete and error-free. Write in presenttense because you are writing about a source (the advertisement). Below are the require and model essay of example essay.