Final Paper Draft The end product of this course (beyond yo

Final Paper Draft: The end product of this course (beyond your gaining new knowledge and historical skills) will be a well-written, 7 t– page original research paper. The paper will be graded on a rubric handed to the student prior to turning in the final draft. This final paper must include a brief historiography and primary sources. The final draft will be worth 50% of your total score in the course. PAPER STYLE GUIDE: All papers turned in for this class must adhere to the following style guidelines: Papers will be typed, double-spaced, in a 12 point font. Do not add additional spaces between paragraphs. All sources must be footnoted or end noted. The Chicago Manual Style/Turabian is the format to be used in this class and is available online at: Topic: the Siege of Vicksburg and its importance to the Unions victory in the Civil War.