Fast Food Analysis

Recordÿandÿanalyzeÿyour favorite fast food using Iprofile?ÿwithin WileyPLUS?.ÿSelectÿone of the following:ÿOption 1Watchÿthe video on WileyPlus?: How to use iProfile?ÿwithin Ch. 1.Createÿyour profile and enter your favorite fast food menu. If you do not consume fast food yourself, enter a friend’s (or relative’s) profile and his/ her favorite fast food menu.Clickÿthe Assignment Files tab and submit a screenshot of the menu for the option you chose.Option 2Watchÿthe video on WileyPlus?: How to use iProfile?ÿwithin Ch. 1.Also in WileyPlus?,ÿaccessÿCh. 1, under iProfile?, complete the assignment iProfile?ÿCase Study: Fast Food.Clickÿthe Assignment Files tab to submit the Case Study.After completing the option you chose, answer the following in at least 175 words:Explain how individuals can make healthier choices if they choose to eat at fast food outlets. Where are the “hidden calories” in typical fast food menus? What options exist at fast food restaurants for making healthier choices? Do you think it is possible to have a well-balanced diet made up of primarily fast food and why do you feel this way or not? What tools are available for consumers today to learn about the nutrient content of fast food menu items?ÿTheÿGrading Guide for Fast Food Analysisÿwill be used for this assignment.