Explain the normal functions of the skeletal, nervous, and m

Explain the normal functions of the skeletal, nervous, and muscular systems for the individual in the given scenario by doing the following:1. Explain the basic process of movement for the musculoskeletal system.2. Explain the basic process of the central and peripheral nervous systems. I received the attached report already but when submitted my instructor sent me the following stating information was still missing. The submissionincludes accurately completed PDFs of the skeletal, muscular, and nervoussystem modules with perfect scores on identifying structures, such as thefibula, Sartorius, and cerebrum. The quadriceps, hamstring, gluteal muscles,leg, foot, and hip are correctly identified as musculoskeletal structures thatare involved in kicking a football. It is aptly explained that the skeletalsystem supports the body and that the contraction of muscle fibers results inmovement. The gross central structures are not clearly identified. Anidentification of the gross peripheral structures and a description of theirnormal function could not be found. I need a paper that includes all the elements of the assignment.