Evaluating Leadership Styles, Cultural Differences and Negotiation: WalMart


In Week 1, you selected Walmart as the organization for your course project.  Continue to use Wal-Mart to complete this part of the final project.  You will need to select one host country where the company operates to compare with the home country.

Prepare a report on the following topics. Analyze the cultural, governmental, and legal differences between the home country and one host country for the organization selected.  Propose suggestions for managing the differences. Assess the communication styles between the two countries and develop an optimal plan to avoid miscommunication. Compare and contrast the negotiation styles for the home and host countries.  Using Hofstedeā€™s Cultural Dimensions, develop an appropriate negotiation style for the home country to use when negotiating in the host country. Evaluate the leadership styles of the current CEO/leader of the organization selected and one previous CEO or other executive with a different leadership style.  Propose the most appropriate leadership style for leaders of the company when working with employees in the host country. Assess skills that a manager of the company needs when transferring to the host country.  Consider the needs of the industry too. Submission Details: Present your report as a 5 page Microsoft Word document, using APA style. Week 1 Paper is Attached