English 211 Flyer Assignment Instructions For this assignmen

English 211 Flyer Assignment Instructions For this assignment, you will create an informational flyer designed for a specific set of readers.You will need to gather data from various sources, and then interpret and incorporate the data into tables, charts, diagrams, or illustrations.Be creative with color, placement, and graphics. When planning the flyer, think carefully about how readers will use the information and how you can use graphics to make the facts as accessible, understandable, and useful as possible Choose one of the following scenarios: Present a description of a process that would be important for clients to know if they are going to purchase products or services.You may use the kind of employer you would like to work for after graduation. Example: A computer information systems student might explain the differences between Power Point and Prezi presentations.Present an explanation of a basic concept in your major addressed to students who have just begun course work in it.Example:An accounting student might show how credits and debits function in a ledger.Present an explanation of a concept from your major that is important for members of the general public to understand as they make decisions.Example: A respiratory therapy student might show how smoking harms the lungs in the respiratory system. The flyer should only be one page.Make sure you proofread the flyer for spelling, grammar, and formatting.Data from sources needs to be correctly cited in APA format.