english 1302

Identify each essay’s thesis, which should include a quote from each essay demonstrating the thesis. Then, identify the evidence used to support each thesis, ideally including quotes here as well. And, discuss whether you agree or disagree with each essay, including thorough and detailed discussion supporting your response. HINT: Think about the most and least effective strategies or evidence in the essays as a guide.

The goal in this week’s discussion is to analyze the structure of each of these essays and demonstrate an understanding of how written argument is built. So, formulate your responses with that goal in mind.

The initial discussion post this week is more involved and more complex than our previous discussion posts, and as such it will end up being necessarily longer than the rest of our discussions have been. To be successful, you’ll need 4-5 fully developed paragraphs in which you address all parts of the prompt. Because these posts must be longer, you have longer to post them.

In your textbook, read:

“Is Google Making us Stupid,” p789
“In Defense of Writing Letters,” p804