Emotions are a constant component of organizational behavior

Emotions are a constant component of organizational behavior. Read Case Study 4.2 on pp. 123-124 of your textbook,and write an essay answering one of the following questions:To what extent do the three people featured in this case study manage their own emotions on the job? How wouldthey accomplish this? To what extent do you think they effectively manage emotions under these circumstances?This case study states that nurses and other medical staff need to manage the emotions of their patients. Why isemotions management important in this job? In what ways do medical staff alter the emotions of their patients?Stress is mentioned throughout this case study. How does this stress occur? What stress outcomes occur forpeople in these types of jobs? How can these people try to minimize high levels of stress?You will need to identify your own thoughts and cite specific passages from the case study to support your point of view.Your essay should be written in standard essay form with a minimum of 300 words.