each questions 150 words

Weekly Quiz Responses on Chapter Readings (to be submitted to instructor via email by Wednesday, May 31):1)ÿÿÿ Considering that equal opportunity is a core value of the political culture in the United States, whose role is it to achieve racial equality in the nation?2)ÿÿÿ Should the government be involved in implementing plans to achieve this?ÿ As stated in our text,? can we end de facto discrimination without imposing substantive solutions?? (p. 225)3)ÿÿÿ Discuss several specific actions taken by government to secure civil rights.4)ÿÿÿ Should we continue the policy of affirmative action towards minorities and women?Reading: Barbour and Wright, Chapters 7 and 8 (to be read by our fourth week of class, which begins Monday, June 5)