each milestone must be on separate paper – have title and re

each milestone must be on separate paper – have title and reference pages and be in APA format. The following pieces of the plan will be due throughout the course for those of you who chose to complete Portfolio Project Option #1.Module 2 Milestone: Identifying the organization and plan for Portfolio ProjectBegin researching a small business of interest for the Portfolio ProjectEvaluate the business and its needsExamine the difference between a Promotional Plan and a Public Relations PlanIdentify which plan is most crucial for the success of the small businessIdentification of the promotional activity or public relations used in the plan.Module 4 Milestone: Branding the organizationCommunicating the importance and objectives of the organizationDevelop a statement for the Portfolio Project based on the image of the organization (brand)Module 6 Milestone- Identify Target Market and NeedsIdentify the specific individuals in need of your business’s product or serviceDiscuss decision criteria and the people involved in the decision-making processMatch the business’s objectives with the customer’s needs and wantsDetermine the financial implications of the plan