E-CommerceYour Company Web Server Hardware & SoftwareFor thi

E-CommerceYour Company Web Server Hardware & SoftwareFor this assignment you will look at the web server hardware and software needs for your proposed company. I am not looking for make, models and detailed specification but rather how may customers will be accessing the server, is there going to be online purchases and payments, etc. Write up a one to two page summary of the needs.Some of the topics you should cover will include:Will the company website be self-hosting or pay a service provider to host? The answer to this question could depend of company size, volume of transactions, etc.Does the company already have equipment and staff in place were purchasing additional software might be the best direction?What type of operating system, connection speed and user capacity are needed to support your proposal? For example, if your company were involved in online gaming the needs would be different from a company with an online catalog purchasing system.What key elements will be the software need to support such as catalogs, shopping carts, and transaction processing capabilities? Will there be blogs, file transfers, etc?What are the database needs such as for purchasing, inventory, customer information, etc.?