DiscussionThemesIn this module, youve examined the develop

Discussion:ThemesIn this module, you’ve examined the development of several different themes in the play.Which theme do you believe is most important to the story—to the characters, the development of the plot, to the overall message?Let’s take a look at one of your classmate’s posts.I think that love is the most important theme inTwelfth Night, because it—or the lack thereof—is what shapes the characters’ motivations.Love is at the root of why characters make the choices they do.Create ONE post that answers the following prompt.Twelfth Nighthas several themes.Which theme do you think is most important?Use details from the text to support your answer.Create TWO posts in response to peers’ posts.Reply to your peers’ posts by agreeing or disagreeing whether the theme they chose is the most important.Use specific details to support your answer.