Discussion&nbspEmergency Preparation PlansYouve created an em

Discussion: Emergency Preparation PlansYou’ve created an emergency plan, but how effective is it? To find out, you will now participate in a discussion to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your own—and others’—emergency plans. Take a look at a sample student response.Khianna’s emergency plan is very thorough. All of the important information is included. If I had to suggest anything, it would be to include a schedule of who is going to check the household safety devices, and when. Overall, I think Khianna’s family will be well-prepared during an emergency.Create one original post thatShares the emergency plan you have created for your family.Create two response posts that evaluate the plan of a classmate, answering the following questions:How well did the author complete the necessary steps to create an emergency plan?Did the author include all of the necessary information? Explain why or why not.Would the author of the plan will be prepared during an emergency?