Discussion: Performance Reports/DashboardsPerformance report

Discussion: Performance Reports/DashboardsPerformance reports are a valuabletool for gauging the financial well-being and progress of a health careorganization. When properly designed, these reports can provide data on keymeasures, quality indicators, performance of operations, patient satisfaction,personnel, and facility capacity. Have you ever seen the cockpit of anairplane? The dashboard is covered with a variety of knobs and gauges. Having apilot who understands the meaning of the data contained on the dashboard isessential for passenger safety and for reaching the correct destination in atimely fashion. Similarly, a dashboard for your organization can supply a widevariety of performance information to assist in the financial decision makingprocess.In this Discussion, you will describea dashboard that would be useful for you in your current position andorganization (or one with which you are familiar).To prepare:Review this week’s Media program, Dashboards.Consider your own organization (or one with which youare familiar) and the key information that would be useful for decisionmaking.Develop a list of key performance indicators in thefollowing categories that would be useful for your situation. Include:2–3 financial indicators2–3 operational indicators2–3 satisfaction indicators2–3 quality indicatorsByDay 3Post describe the specific indicators you selected for eachcategory and explain why you chose those particular ones. Describe whether eachindicator is a leading or trailing indicator and how this particular combinationwould provide the best overall view of the state of your organization. Assesshow having a dashboard such as this would assist in decision making.Note: You do not have to actually create the dashboard, but justdescribe the indicators you would include.