Discussion: Creating Supportive Relationships and Family Par

Discussion: Creating Supportive Relationships and Family Partnerships’…early childhood programs need the active support of families to maximize program impact on children’ (Powell, 2003). As you have been learning, understanding and valuing relationships with parents and other significant adults in children’s lives within the context of early childhood education is essential to children’s healthy development and learning. At the core of these relationships is the early childhood practitioner and his or her ability to cultivate such relationships with children and families, as well as strengthen relationships between children and families, both of which can create a substantive and lasting impact. Consider the research presented in your Learning Resources highlighting the significance of cultivating relationships with children and families and building family partnerships. In addition, review the media segment ‘Building Relationships and Partnering with Families.’ After you have reflected on this information:By Wednesday of Week 2:Post:A research-based rationale* as to why relationships and family partnerships are essential to effective programs and practices within the early childhood fieldWhy understanding your own biases is critical to developing effective partnershipsFactors you need to explore further to be completely open to forming effective partnerships with every family.*Note: A research-based rationale responds to a central question or questions, based on current resources provided in and outside the course. To complete your rationale for this Discussion, use at least two current articles or other sources (published within the last five years). Cite each source within the body of your response. Your rationale should be approximately one page in length. For information on how to cite sources correctly, consult your Pocket Guide to APA Style or visit the Walden Writing Center at http://writingcenter.waldenu.edu/APA.htm