DifferentialReinforcementReview the various types of differe

DifferentialReinforcementReview the various types of differential reinforcement explained in Behavior Advisor and how to set up a token economy system: DRL: Differential Reinforcement of Lower Rates of Behavior Differential Reinforcement of Other Behaviors DRI: Differentiated Reinforcement of Incompatible Behaviors Classroom token economy A fellow teacher and friend calls you pleading for help with his fifth grade class. When you ask what is going on he tells you:Every time I turn my back, Michael is either throwing something, hitting someone playfully, or making fun of me. When I ask him to please stop, he gets defensive and says, “It wasn’t me!” but I know it was. The principal and the parents just scold him and he is just as disruptive the next day. When he behaves like that, it causes the entire class to be off task. I just don’t know what to do. Because you have been taking this course, you feel equipped to help your friend by suggesting he try using differentiated reinforcement with a token economy system. Design a plan using one of the differentiated reinforcement techniques and the token economy system. Support your reasoning for choosing a specific technique with one additional resource.