Deliverable Length: 8–10 paragraphs apt format or 5–7 sl

Deliverable Length: 8–10 paragraphs apt format or 5–7 slide with speaker notes. 1. In terms of hardware, software, databases, telecommunications, and the Internet, what specific recommendations are you prepared to make to SewWorld to improve the speed, accuracy, and reliability of their information system?2. How should SewWorld approach the development of the new software system? Should they use a vendor or develop the new system with a database management system tool?3. What recommendations would you offer SewWorld in regard to updating their information system? What operational system would you recommend that is cost-effective?4. What disadvantages would your recommendations present to SewWorld? Do you foresee any pitfalls? 5. What are the advantages of your recommendation?6.Discuss the implementation process, including the 7 steps from the life cycle of the database.