Debate: Is the “unexamined life” worth living? Or, is th

Debate: Is the “unexamined life” worth living? Or, is the moral life the good life?Write 6 One page essayExamined LifeUnexamined LifeMoral obligation; do the right/just thingPersonal interest; play to winPROMPT: Write a one page, single-spaced essay on the debate question.75 Points:CONTENT: Earn points by using assigned texts and our class discussions of them to compose your essay0-5Briefly define the “examined life” according to Socrates in “Apology.”0-5Take a side and state your position/thesis/conclusion; specify “the good life” as the criterion for your evaluation.0-5Incorporate rhetorical content from Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave.”0-5Make use of an example from the The 11th Hour in your argument.0-30Make at least one argument for your position supported by a “real life” experience. Make use of arguments presented in the assigned readings.0-25Make at least one argument against your opposition’s best critique of your position. Make use of arguments presented in the assigned readings.25 points:FORM: Earn points by demonstrating skills in essay composition0-5Logic & Reasoning: Support your claims with good reasons, and examples and/or analogies. Avoid (unintentional) fallacies and contradictions.0-5WELL-ORGANIZED & WELL-WRITTEN: STRIVE FOR A CLEAR, COHERENT, ORDERLY DEVELOPMENT OF THOUGHT. GIVE SPECIAL CONSIDERATION TO THE RELATION BETWEEN THE OPENING AND CLOSING LINES OF EACH PARAGRAPH AND THE ESSAY.0-5Thematic Integrity: Consider the relations among each of your points (trees) in the composition of your whole (forest) essay. Avoid digressions and (unintentional) stream of consciousness. It should hang together and make sense.0-5Original/Insightful: Springboard from the course material in the development of your essay submission. Let your light shine through the prompt’s framework.0-5Relevance for “real world” matters: Use personal experience, news of the day, social media, films, historical examples, etc. to illustrate and support your position.