Data analytics is a very popular idea these days. While ther

Data analytics is a very popular idea these days. While there are benefits to some, there are drawbacks as well.As college students, one of the examples that you might find interest is the way some in higher education are using data analytics such as described inSimon, C. (2016, June 28) Colleges can now figure out which students will be successful — even before classes start. Business Insider. Retrieved from…As you are working on this topic, you might considerWhat are some current uses of big data that threaten privacy and other values and in what ways?What are some examples that benefit society?How can we mitigate the risks of big data?What are cultural differences that might impact perspectives on this issue?Don’t feel limited to these, though. Look around for current news that might help explore the tradeoffs involved with security. Please make sure to do some research and properly reference the articles.In your discussion, you should explicitly address the following:What are the problems?Who are all of the stakeholders?What values and assumptions should we use for analysis?What actions might you suggest – be sure to discuss both benefits and harms of each action you propose. MUST be 1 -2 pages