Critical Thinking Journal 8

  Module Assessment

Journal Assignment # 8

Discuss a few examples from your life where you would like to improve your decision making skills involving money. What did you learn from the articles and videos in this module that will be helpful to you when making money decisions? Give specific examples and discuss how you can apply two or more specific things you learned. I think the material in this module is very valuable since it can affect how much money you accumulate over the course of your life as well as your relationship with money.

Refer to this video at least once in this entry: 

  Article – 6 Common Money Mistakes

Type the Journal in a Word document and save it all semester until you have completed the 10 assignments. Student writing is expected to be coherent, grammatically correct, and mechanically-sound.  Points will be deducted for poor writing.  All journal entries should be a minimum of 300 words in essay form.