Cost Volume Profit Analysis can plan manydifferent roles in

Cost Volume Profit Analysis can plan manydifferent roles in the overall management decision making process. Consider thefollowing problems related to cost accounting and in a Word document, provideat least a 2-paragraph response to each one. Be sure to proofread your workprior to submitting to the drop box.Describecost volume profit analysis and how management can use it in more thanjust financial analysis.Explain themain differences between operating income and net income overall for abusiness.Explain andprovide the calculation for how to derive the following: contributionmargin, contribution margin per unit, and contribution margin percentage.Describewhat sensitivity analysis is and how it could be used by management todetermine the proper course to take for decisions that need to be made forthe firm.How might acompany with multiple products derive its breakeven point? What are someof the challenges in determining this?Please make this at least 2 paragraphs foreach. Please make this paper in APA format.Please include a reference page andsite sources within the paper.