Conduct academic research using the library’s databases, lik

Conduct academic research using the library’s databases, like Business Source Complete via EBSCO and Business via ProQuest,as well as reliable webpages and create a minimum 4 page proposal tothe CEO in which you complete the following for approval of aperformance management system for the new position, Claims Supervisor:Description of the categories to be measured.Description of ratings to be used.Example of performance evaluation form.Explanation for each of your recommendations.Rememberthat this is a proposal. Make sure to format your paper properly foryour proposal. A proposal is a persuasive document, so make sure to useproper language and tone. Remember, you are the HR Manager and you arewriting to the CEO so use a tone in your proposal that is specific toyour audience (the CEO). Include an APA formatted reference page with at least 2 credible sources. Make sure to include APA in-text citations for any information used from outside sources.