Complete the following journals. All the materials and expla

Complete the following journals. All the materials and explanation are attached below.1.Double-Entry Journal, 3 quotes, on “What Virtual Reality is Good For”2.Double-Entry Journal, 3 quotes, on “What Does Virtual Reality Do to Your Body and Mind?”3.Triple-Entry Journal, 3 quotes, on “Pokemon Go May Increase Physical Activity and Decrease Sedentary Behaviors4.Triple-Entry Journal, 3 quotes, on “Pokemon GO: Healthy or Harmful?Double-Entry JournalsDuring this unit, one of the things we will be working on is incorporating information from thereadings into your writing as away of strengthening your argument. Double-Entry Journals (alsoknown as dialectical journals) will help prepare you for this while also providing you with awayof organizing and reflecting on what you read.In particular Double-Entry Journals help you1) Interact with new information in a variety of formats2) Relate information to prior knowledge3) Generate ideas for class discussions and writing assignments.Your entries can include, but are not limited to, one or more of the following: a quote, word, or phrase that is interesting or confusing• a paraphrase of a complex segment of text• a possible explanation of a confusing material• a main idea from the resource and why it is important• a strong positive or negative reaction and an explanation of that reaction• a reason for agreeing or disagreeing with the author/producer• a comparison and/or contrast of a passage with another resource or with prior knowledge• a prediction based on evidence from the resource• a question generated as a result of reading, viewing, or hearing the resource• a description of a personal experience that relates to the resourceThe TextWrite passages/quotes from the text below.Your ThoughtsBelow, respond to the passages or quotes you listed in thefirst column. You may wish to ask a question, evaluate,reflect, analyze, or interpret the passage in the leftcolumn—whatever comes to mind!