Compare and contrast Brooks poetry with selectionsby Langst

Compare and contrast Brooks’ poetry with selectionsby Langston Hughes.  Why do you suppose these two poets are frequentlypaired?The book in which these readings come from is theNorton Anthology of African American Literature 3rd Edition. “The Vernacular Tradition: Part II”(pp.3-11), “Hip-Hop” (pp. 35-38) “The Revolution Will Not be Televised”(pp. 38-40),“The Message” (pp. 40-43), “Realism, Naturalism, Modernism”(pp. 93-107), RichardWright: (pp. 119-125),“The Ethics of Living Jim Crow”(pp. 132-140), From BlackBoy(pp.141-156), Gwendolyn Brooks (pp. 324-325), “kitchenette building” (pp.326), “the mother” (pp. 326-327), “a song in the front yard”(pp. 327), “We RealCool” (pp. 337)I NEED THISASSIGNMENT BY 10PM TONIGHT APRIL 19TH, 2015 CENTRAL STANDARD TIME.