comm 120 presentation Reflection

Write a 1 « to 2 page reflection of your previous speech. Make sure that your reflection is formatted in 12pt font and double spaced. Proofread your assignment. Papers with excessive grammatical errors will earn fewer points or may earn a zero grade.ÿ Remember to upload a Microsoft Word file (doc. or docx.) or a Rich Text file (rtf.) Uploaded assignments that I cannot read will earn a zero grade.Create an action plan for your informative speech, similar to the one we completed in class. Plan out topic brainstorming, research, outline drafting, speech practice. Assume that your deadline is two weeks from now. Put the date, day of the week, and action. Use complete sentences.Example:2/6 Monday: I will brainstorm and research potential speech topics. Then, I willÿmake a list that narrows down the topics I may want to talk about.Answer the following questions:Think about your previous speech performance; what did you do well?What aspects of your performance do you want to improve on?How do you plan to improve your speech performance?