CLC Project- Business and Industry Profile

Part One – Due Monday 1/6/2020

This is a Collaborative Learning Community (CLC) assignment. Total Words- 1500 approximately. 

Your instructor will assign you to work on one of the following three projects. Refer to the “CLC Resources” document for specific information about your project subject
1.Community Health Program (CHP)- This is the one my group is assigned to. 

Each CLC group will create a business plan for their assigned project.
The CLC Business Plan will contain the sections and components common to typical business plan models. The specific needs of each project will determine the appropriate model to use. Whichever model you choose, include:
Description of product or service.
1. Description of product or service
2. Business and industry profile – This is the only part that is needing to be completed by me.
3. Marketing components
4. Financial information
5. Operational plan
You are a project manager with a national nonprofit health organization specializing in a single class of disease. Senior leadership of the organization has asked you to put together a mobile health promotion outreach program able to reach a diverse population from inner-city areas to rural communities. Focal to this program is a vehicle for promoting and providing screening activities.

Note: for the purpose of this class, your organization is:

The American Heart Association and hypertension

Important factors for consideration in your proposal include: Supply needs particular to your disease Funding – grants, donations, sponsorships Vehicle selection and design Scheduling of staff and locations for events – clinical staff, promotion/support staff, drivers Marketing/promotion – local and regional Training Education materials Permitting Legal/regulatory issues – liability, local government restrictions, Department of Transportation Cultural and language issues across locations Patient flow Sanitary needs, sterilization Vehicle issues – maintenance, wear and tear costs, insurance, fuel