Choose ONE of the following two topics and write an OP-ED in

Choose ONE of the following two topics and write an OP-ED in 650 words. (for nutrition course) ● City of Seattle Soda Tax OR ● King County Local Food Initiative You must write weigh both sides of the argument, and based on(full points 20):Exposition: Summarize the background on the current issue: ● What is the proposed initiative? (2pts) ● How does the proposed initiative influence the local food environment? (2pts) ● What are the current health disparities tied with this issue? (2pts) Rebuttals/Conflict: ● What is your opinion on implementing this initiative? (2 pts) ● Supply three statements that support your opinion. Use the information presented in class, either from lecture, guest speakers, or readings. If you oppose the initiative, please provide a solution you feel better tackles the issues (3 pts) *BULLET POINTS CAN BE USED IN THIS SECTION Conclusion ● Draft a brief conclusion that restates the current issue, the initiative proposed, and your supporting or opposing argument (6 pts) ● Include word count at bottom of page (1 pt) ● Grammar, flow/organization, spelling, word count (2 pts)You must read files seriously.King County Local Food Initiative (this one is better to write)