Check the document titled ‘Chapter Assignments’ to read more

Check the document titled ‘Chapter Assignments’ to read more about this assignment.Your assignment is to immerse yourself in a cultural experience off-campus. A cultural experience is defined as any experience that provides you with an opportunity to learn about a different culture. There are numerous opportunities to attend.Proposal: propose the event you wish to attend by providing the following:Event nameEvent dateBrief event descriptionBrief explanation of why this event qualifies as a cultural experienceA person you can interview during the event and questions you have for them.Briefly summarize the event you attended, include title, location, date… etc. What happened during the event? Describe the event. Focus on the important details.Analyze the event you attended. In the analysis part, highlight at least two conceptslearned or will be learned in the classroom as they relate to the event you attended and elaborate on that.Please pick an event that is around Boston