My Career

Conduct an Internet search for an online Psychology career assessment.


Take the career assessment and submit a screenshot of your results along with your paper.


Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word reflection covering the following: Summarize your results.Do you think that your results are an accurate reflection of your career goals? Explain your response.Identify what skills you may need to acquire to reach your goal. 

Format your reflection consistent with APA guidelines.

No Copy And Paste

Cite All Sources


Course Project Task # 3

  Course Project Task # 3


The goal for this assignment is to enable you to choose the topic for your research paper from the three choices listed last module.

For this assignment, narrow down your topic to one issue and submit an outline on the direction of your paper and ideas. This outline should contain: A statement that outlines the ethical issue you will be writing about Examples of two to three research articles important for your literature review Possible research question(s) you want to address and examine in your paper Results you would hope to find in your quasi study Potential areas of discussion and findings

The outline should be approximately 500 words in length and should be in Microsoft Word document format. Name the file SP6300_M3_A3_LastName_FirstInitial.doc and post it to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned. All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.

Assignment 3 Grading CriteriaMaximum PointsSelected a relevant topic for the research paper and outlined the related ethical issues.8Selected at least two research articles appropriate to be used in the literature review.8Formulated relevant research question(s) that can be analyzed and critiqued.8Described the expected results of the quasi study.4Identified and described potential areas of discussion and findings.4Wrote in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrated ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources, displayed accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.


The area i want to look at is (exploitation of student-athletes)

descriptive research methods worksheet

Watch the “Nonexperimental Research Methods in Psychology” video located in this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings.


Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Descriptive Methods Worksheet. Make sure to answer the questions comprehensively.

Another assignment

Assignment 1: Behavioral Theorists

Pavlov, Watson, and Skinner are considered the originators of behaviorism. All contributed to learning theory. All three of the researchers studied the effects of the environment on learning.

Select one of the three behaviorists who, in your opinion, offers the most compelling argument for the use of behaviorism when teaching a new subject to an adult and to a child. Identify that behaviorist, then answer the following questions about his approach:
Describe how that behaviorist would teach an adult a new skill. Be specific; what is the skill?What steps would the behaviorist use?Would that behaviorist use a different approach with a child?Why do you think this behaviorist’s approach is best?What issues or problems do you find in the other two behaviorists’ approaches?

PHI 210 Week 5 Discussion "Identifying Misleading Information in an Argument"

“Identifying Misleading Information in an Argument”  Please respond to the following:Consider the following argument: There are many arguments for the elimination or modification of current U. S. drug laws, but one of the most persuasive involves what negative effects drug laws are having on society in comparison with the effects of the drugs themselves. In the past ten years, most forms of drug use have dropped significantly, especially among teens. Despite this, non-violent drug offenders accounted for 21.1 percent of the federal prison population. First time drug offenders serve, on average, a sentence three months longer than kidnappers, nine months longer than burglars, and thirty-three months longer than sex abusers. In 1992, the average cost of keeping an inmate in either state or federal prison was about $20,000 per prisoner per year. The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world, with 455 prisoners per 100,000 population. It is maintaining these prisoners at great expense in an environment where they are unlikely to develop a socially constructive attitude. Perhaps it is time that we reconsider our attitudes toward those who choose to use drugs; failure to do so may cost society even more than it already has.Determine whether or not the argument uses any deceptive statistics. Give your opinion on whether or not the argument has persuaded you. Explain why or why not.Determine the primary ways in which statistics or authority are used in your current position in developing persuasive arguments, and provide examples of such use.

The Critical Analysis

 The Critical Analysis begins immediately after the conclusion on the  Summary, on the same page, it is a minimum of one full page long. This  is the part of your paper where you get to express your educated opinion  of the research, did the author use the scientific method, what was  their hypothesis, did they prove their hypothesis, what could have been  done better. You may use first person pronouns in this section only.   You should still have citations to back up your opinion.

PSYCHOLOGY/7610 Discussion post

In this unit, you read about a variety of resources, such as tests or measures and methods, which can be utilized in a variety of work settings. In many settings, several of these resources are incorporated into a single comprehensive design or program to address multiple issues or needs, or answer multiple questions. One such program is the assessment center, which you were introduced to in your Psychological Testing and Assessment text. Since an assessment center, or any similar program using multiple assessment techniques (for example, school counseling programs, and special education intervention programs), typically provides decisions regarding a number of questions, then it is important, if not a requirement, to evaluate the program for efficacy and utility.

You also learned about the concept of utility in the context of testing and assessment as applied to a single measure in Unit 5. Considerations involved in determining utility can also be applied to large-scale testing programs that employ multiple tests or measures in a selected battery.

While the authors of your Psychological Testing and Assessment text introduced an assessment center from 1956 that incorporated multiple tools and methods, the Thornton and Gibbons’ 2009 article, “Validity of Assessment Centers for Personnel Selection,” elaborated on a review of the validity of elements of contemporary assessment centers and considerations when employing them.

For this discussion, take into consideration the factors that affect a test’s utility, which was identified in your Psychological Testing and Assessment text as psychometric soundness, costs, and benefits (pages 212–218), as well as practical considerations when conducting utility analyses, which includes pool of applicants, complexity of the job, and use of cut scores (pages 232–235).

For this discussion, identify three specific measures for a management assessment center addressing selection, placement, promotion, and career training.

For the purposes identified above, identify a specific instrument for each of the following areas:Ability or aptitude testing.Occupational career or interests.Personality.

Then, discuss one advantage and one disadvantage in selecting these tests for the battery.

Next, identify at least one issue regarding factors of utility and utility analysis with this battery of tests.

Finally, include how you would evaluate the effectiveness of incorporating your measures into this battery. How would you determine that the three tests are adequate for addressing the purposes of selection, placement, promotion, and career training?

Include, in your discussion, if and how computerized assessment could be incorporated into your battery or evaluation.Response Guidelines 

Respond to the post of at least one other learner. Toggle Drawer [u10q1] Unit 10 Quiz 1 Unit 10 Learning Check

This learning check is designed to help you understand how well you have grasped the learning concepts in this unit. You may take as long as you like to complete this learning check. A good estimate is 5–10 minutes. You may complete it as many times as you like. While this is an ungraded learning check, be aware that questions from this learning check will be included in the final graded quiz you will take in Unit 10.


Psychology Research and Statistics. Forum Post

 500 word minimum APA format

Answer the questions below: Discuss which analysis of variance should be applied when an experiment has more than one independent variable. Discuss the assumptions and limitations of the analysis of variance in comparison with the t test including a discussion of post hoc tests. Explain between-groups variance and within- groups variance. Design a research question for the class using the concepts and terms above.