erome’s CaseJerome is a 28-year-old African American male who lives alone in an apartment. He tellseveryone he meets that he is a rapper and a male model. He has business cards for each vocation.He has never recorded a song nor held any modeling job. He has worked in a series of entry-level jobs to pay his bills. He usually gets fired for failing to show up to work. He claims he hasmodeling gigs or is recording when, in fact, he is not. Much of Jerome’s spare time is spent at thegym and in nightclubs. He has had a series of failed relationships with women that typically endwhen they confront him about his supposed fame. He has a great deal of difficulty in consideringtheir needs or interests and becomes upset or even abusive if he is not the focus of theconversation. The closest Jerome got to a singing audition was when he traveled to a nearby cityto audition for American Idol. He performed for the judges and was quickly told to stop.