Case StudyFrom the case study givenbelow. Analyze the facts

Case StudyFrom the case study givenbelow. Analyze the facts in the scenarios and develop appropriatearguments and recommendations using case law and scholarly sources. Cite your sources in APA format on a separate page.Case Study : Courts and Alternative Dispute ResolutionCamilla Brown suffered from Alzheimer’s, andwas admitted to the Bay Pines Rehabilitation Center. Because of hermental condition, Brown’s son, Juan, completed the admissions paperworkand signed the admissions agreement. The admissions documents included aclause that required parties to submit any disputes for arbitration.When Camilla was released from the center four months later, she suedfor negligent treatment and malpractice during her stay. Bay Pines movedto require arbitration.This is a claim of negligent care, not a breach of acommercial contract. Is it ethical for medical facilities to imposemandatory arbitration? Is there really any bargaining over such terms?Should a person withlimited mental capacity be held to the arbitration clause agreed to bythe next-of-kin who signed on behalf of that person?