Case Study: Interdisciplinary Plan of Care that Provides Culturally Competent Care for Muslim Patients

As a social worker what interventions would you use to design an interdisciplinary plan of care that provides cultural competent care for the following case study?


 Then reflect on whether you have achieved an interdisciplinary, culturally competent plan and why as a social worker.



Case Study:

Mr. and Mrs. B are Muslim. They have been US citizens for three years and have three school age children. They own a small business together. Mr. B was diagnosed with inoperable cancer three months ago and is now terminal. He requires around the clock care and has difficulty walking and performing activities of daily living. He feels his pain is well controlled. He has expressed a desire to discus with his wife end-of-life care but his wife refuses to allow talk about this subject stating: “My husband cannot die. If he dies, I die”. Mr. B’s brother always accompanies Mrs. B and always carries his Quran. The nurses complain he is difficult and makes regular requests for male staff members, insists the bed faces East, and that males not address his sister-in-law. He complains about a lack of respect for their cultural needs and refused to let Mr. B eat the hospital food. Mr. B. does not have insurance and the hospital is pressured to transfer to a lower level than acute care but all area facilities have refused him. The manager has called an interdisciplinary team meeting to create a plan for Mr. B. that will contain interventions for his multiple needs.



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