Can you please inform how much you will charge to help with

Can you please inform how much you will charge to help with this assignment.  This will be a ongoing assignment that I would prefer only for your assistance if I select for the beginning.The highlighted in yellow is my portion I am responsible.this first assignement is only a outline that currently due.I will attach all that is needed for this week assignment.I am sharing ‘Week 6 Final- matt-1.docx’ with you from OneDrive – Personal THIS IS THE ASSIGMENT (NOT YELLING AT YOU)  (SMILE)Outline the Enterprise Model Project Paper. See Week 1 for instructions. The Enterprise Model Project is due in Week 6.I ONLY NEED THE ONES WITH MY NAME AS A OUTLINE ABOUT WHAT WE WILL DISCUSS FOR THE NEXT COUPLE WEEK AS A OVERVIEW I GUESS.  MY NAME IS LISTED AS KHRISSIE.  IF IT DOES NOT HAVE A NAME WE DONT HAVE TO WRITE ABOUT IT.I WOULD SAY EACH TOPIC SHOUD HAVE ABOUT A PARAGRAPH SO IT WILL ONLY BE ABOUT A PAGE IN A HALF SINCE I ONLY HAVE THREE TOPICS BUT I WILL LEAVE IT OPEN FOR THE BEST GRADE POSSIBLEPLEASE USE IN-TEXT CITATIONLIST ALL REFERENCESIF POSSIBLE CHECK FOR PLAGARISM BECAUSE THE LAST ASSIGNMENT COMPLETE HAD 30% OF COPY WORK BUT I WASNT WORRIED SINCE IT WAS SUBMITTED LATE ANYWAY.I CAN PROVIDE MY BOOK AGAIN AND CREDENTIALS SO YOU CAN USE AS WELLPLEASE JUST LET ME KNOW YOUR PRICE.  THIS WEEK I JUST NEED A OUTLINE