Burger King, the national franchise, is banned from opening

Burger King, the national franchise, is banned from opening a restaurant within 20 miles of Mattoon, Illinois. So, there isnot a Burger King there; no problem, right? Not so fast! In the late 1950s, Gene and Betty Hoots trademarked the iconicname. Well, they trademarked it in Illinois at least. When the national company decided to open a chain close by, theHoots sued and won their case. However, the national chain was able to keep the name Burger King, but the Hoots werealso able to keep the name in accordance with the stipulation that the national chain could not open a store within a 20-mile radius of the original store in Mattoon, Illinois.In a minimum of 500 words, explain the reasons why this decision was made, and discuss the significance of this case inU.S. trademark law jurisprudence.For this assignment, please find one article from an Online Library that discusses intellectual property; elaborateon how the article relates to the Burger King case to support your answer. Identify the main issues with copyright andtrademark in the article, and explain how these issues were either upheld or overturned.Cite any direct quotes or paraphrased material from the article. Use APA format.