BSAD 2560 – Information Systems for Managers Assignment 5

BSAD 2560 – Information Systems for Managers Assignment 5 Chapters 9 and 10Heartland Shoes is a family owned retail shoe store. They have one store and their competitive advantage is providing a good selection and good old-fashioned customer service. Gross revenue for the store is roughly $250,000 annually. Heartland Shoes has struggled with the problem of poor inventory control. It takes a while to find shoes in the back room for customers (if they are even there). They do not have easily accessible sales records. They struggle to know which shoes to restock. Employees must go to the back room and physically count inventory. They have no computer system and keep information on purchase orders, received reports and invoices in metal file cabinets. Your task is create an outline addressing the important aspects of building an information system. It should identify tasks involved in each of the five phases of the SDLC as they might relate to Heartland Shoes. Under Phase 2 be sure to include a Context diagram for the Heartland inventory system.