Because of robust online activity and ever-expanding social

Because of robust online activity and ever-expanding social media outlets, marketers are continually working to deepen relationships with their consumers. With this marketing evolution made possible by social media, companies are managing more viable communication techniques with their client base. Facebook and Twitter are examples of social media platforms that have enabled direct communication between companies and consumers. Many companies refer to “liking” their webpage during an ad or by email on numerous occasions. Is all this online activity and social media affecting consumer behavior?For this discussion:Identify at least two companies that have showcased their marketing prowess using social media. Based on research, what have the companies done well in appealing to visitors and influencing them to interact with the companies and other consumers?Referencing the list of 11 determinants of customer satisfaction found in this week’s reading in the textbook, explain which determinants are observed on the two chosen companies’ websites.Please remember to respond to the postings of at least two fellow classmates.This price includes the two replies!