Background: Now that you have read several articles on virtu

Background: Now that you have read several articles on virtual reality, it is time for you to begin thinking about some of the major ideas surrounding virtual reality. The best way to do this is to write an essay on the topic. Now remember the key to successfully essay writing on an issue is coming up with strong evidence and ideas to support your side of the issue.For this essay, you can pick your side of the issue and proceed to developing what your position is on the topic and provide clear examples.Your Task: In six paragraph (introduction, 3body paragraphs, one counterargument/rebuttal paragraph, and conclusion), 750 word minimum, essay, please respond to the following assignment.Does virtual/augmented reality help or harm our lives? You can argue pro, con, or the benefits AND the drawbacks (be sure not to argue against yourself, though).Some ideas to consider:Pros and Cons of Virtual/Augmented Reality on social interactions and relationships.Pros and Cons of Virtual/Augmented Reality on physical health.Pros and Cons of Virtual/Augmented Reality on mental health.Requirements: Include a clear thesis that follows the Topic/Comment Model (topic + your comment on the topic).Be organized with an introduction, body, and conclusion to structure the essay.Follow the PIE Paragraph model for your body paragraphs.Integrate a minimum of 4 quote sandwiches from the readings. (You must have one quote in every body paragraph.) You cannot use outside readings unless I approve them. You will automatically fail otherwise.Be comprised of at least 3 body paragraphs (6 total paragraphs, approximately 750 words).One counterargument/rebuttal paragraphDemonstrate your ability to use grammar, punctuation, and formatting suitable for college.attached the readings you can use quote from them. ONLY use quote from the article i provide.