Attorney Adams is very angry. His opponent in an employmentl

Attorney Adams is very angry. His opponent in an employmentlitigation case has sent 100 pages of emails to him as ‘hard copies’ andrefused to provide the electronic forms of emails that he demanded in arequest for production of electronic evidence. Some emails have’receipt confirmations’ as well as dates, and other items that are notapparent from the paper copies. In an electronic form, the emails alsocan be sorted to show a pattern of ignoring harassment, which is goingto be very hard to do with the paper copies. The opponent claims theemails are all deleted and that the paper copies are all that is left.What are some options Attorney Adams has to remedy the spoliation ofevidence? Think of both practical remedies and legal remedies under thefederal rules of civil procedure. Argue for one approach to remedy thisin a post and in a different starter post or reply, argue for adifferent approach.