Assume you are the manager of the department where you curre

Assume you are the manager of the department where you currently work if you are not currently working, use the past situation or hypothetical situation; be sure to describe it. Select two leadership theories that you believe will be most useful in managing your staff. Select different theories or different combinations of theories than you classmates select. Respond to the following: – assess why think these theories will be most practical or helpful. – Evaluate how the two theories might interact with one another. – Analyze whether you anticipate needing different leadership methods (based onyour two selected theories) according to the ages, races, national origins,cultures, genders, educational backgrounds or job types of your conclusions. – Justify three best practices that emerge from your select leadership theories ( three or four sentences) of your initial post should summarize the one or two key points that you are making your initial response. – Your posting should be the equivalent of 1 to 2 single spaced pages (500-1000 words) in length. Criteria: writing mechanics (spelling,grammar, APA style) and information literacy.