AssignmentComplementary Events Investigation Mrs. Hudsonpla

Assignment:Complementary Events Investigation Mrs. Hudsonplans to give a 10 question multiple choice exam in which each question has 4options. Each question counts for 1 point. A score of 8 or more is a passing score while 7 or less is a failingscore.Theprobabilities of guessing a certain number of questions correctly are listed inthe table below. Numberof Questions CorrectProbabilityfor Guessing Correctly00.0563135110.1877117220.2815675730.2502822940.1459980050.0583992060.0162220070.0030899080.0003862490.00002861100.00000095I. Computethe probability of answering 8 or more questions correctly by calculating theprobability with a direct sum and by using complements.II. How do the two approaches compare? If Tylerwants to pass his exam, should he study?