AssignmentAppropriate PronounsDirectionsProvide an appropr

Assignment:Appropriate PronounsDirections:Provide an appropriate pronoun for each sentence. Make sure it matches the antecedent in number.Follow your teacher’s instructions for submitting this assignment.Click here  to download this file.One of the students must give ____________________ presentation tomorrow.Everyone hopes ____________________  raffle ticket wins the grand prize.If anyone doesn’t like the movie, ________________can skip class tomorrow.All of the freshmen must have ______________ lunch in the lower cafeteria.Several students presented _________________ oral reports in Spanish.Other students delivered ___________________ speeches in English.Someone left ______________ note cards on the front table.Neither of the boys knew _____________ teacher had already graded them.Only seniors can eat ______________ lunch on the commons lawn.Teachers can take _____________ breaks on or off campus.Learning and applying pronoun-antecedent agreement to your own writing will help it be more effective. These skills that you are learning, such as repairing sentence fragments and pronoun-antecedent agreement, are just as valuable as learning how to write a strong introduction or conclusion.Think of these skills as building blocks which all add up to support your ideas, giving them the extra push.In the next unit, you will be learning about poetry and poetic devices as well as other grammatical skills.