Assignment with Power point Marketing Analysis. Needing help

Assignment with Power point Marketing Analysis. Needing help with below information. Feedback is add at the end. Please see insturstor comment Integrated Enterprise System: Market Relationship Model graphic You now have received feedback from your instructor on 3,5, and 7 of each assignment. Incorporate that feedback to create the final version of your project. Create a PowerPoint presentation creating a visual representation of your research. DO NOT merely compile the previous assignments, but instead revise them according to the feedback you received. Cite all sources using APA formatting. For this assignment, you will submit a 15–20 slide PowerPoint presentation. You should use information and research from your earlier project assignments to help you form the basis for your presentation and talking points. DO NOT merely copy the content from the Word .doc to the PowerPoint presentation. Remember you are to create a professional-looking presentation with visual appeal and professional formatting. Your presentation should include: Slides of general information about your chosen companySlides for each of the four Ps: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. Each ‘P’ should include key points of their marketing actions, strategies, and key concepts as it relates to each ‘P.’Slides noting your integrated marketing program analysis of the company.Slides noting your analysis of their marketing strategies to business success.Slides noting your analysis of marketing to sales plan success.The slides should include talking points in the notes area of each slide to expand on your bulleted items and any highlighted concepts.Submit the PowerPoint file by Friday of this weekRobert below is the feedback from the professor for each four assignmentUnit 3 assignment 1 – great analysis- important to try to differentiate yourself isn’t it?Unit 3 assignment 2 – Well done in initial company analysis. The product is essentially the core of it all so if you miss some key areas here, the rest of business can sufferUnit 5 assignment 1 good assessment of their distribution channels. This is an important decision since it is costly yet a way to obtain a competitive advantages vs the completion. After price- it is the next most important aspect- we re an instant gratification society! We want everything now! Good job identifying the prices used. Price is what grabs our attention the most.Unit 7 assignment 1 Nice job- effective promotions is important in a very competitive market place