Assignment Circle GraphsInvestigation Arnoldis out of the c

Assignment: Circle GraphsInvestigation Arnoldis out of the country with his parents who are in the military. He is keepingup with his assignments online so that he won’t get behind while he is gone. Whenhe spoke with Dakota and Karen, they told him about a survey Mrs. Hudson assignedthat Arnold had not seen. He began to worry. There was no one where he wasliving that he could survey, because he was struggling with the language. Hewrote Mrs. Hudson and asked, “What should I do?”  Mrs. Hudson reassured Arnold and told him:Use Wolfram Alpha orother reliable data source to research a topic of interest. Record yourfindings in a chart and then create a circle graph to show how the data resultsare distributed.Arnoldfound some really interesting facts about the dairy consumption of Americans. Whatcan you find?Step 1: Go to Wolfram Alphaor other reliable data source and note the website name and URL here:________________________________________________________________Step 2: Choose a topic: _____________________________________________Step 3: Record yourfindings:Step 4: Total the numbersrelated to your data findings. Total: ________________________________Step 5: Calculate the anglemeasures for each data result.Remember, Arnoldfound that Americans consumed 289 pounds of milk. So he divided 289 by 364 (thedairy total from Step 4) and then multiplied by 360o (the number ofdegrees in a circle).  His angle measurefor milk looked like:Data CategoryAngle Measure(# associatedw/data ÷ Total) · 360oStep 6: Use a protractor todraw your circle graph.Step 7: Label your sections to show how data results are distributed