assignment brif and case study.docx&nbspDEADLINE 2 DAYS&nbspDETAIL

assignment brif and case study.docx DEADLINE 2 DAYS DETAILS :I have assignment that is a software model in Microsoft Excel in finance area there is a case study and all the instruction and requirements in word file I uploaded also I attached the same assignment from the last year it is the similar to this assignment but different case study and some requirements .the writer should invent all the data this example I attached is for a different case study but to show the method and the technique that it has been used so u could use the same technique and method but in our case study in the files I attached, this example I attached is just to clarify the assignment and what I need u to do in my assignment any additional into or clarification u need just let me know all I want is the Microsoft software model. no need for report just Microsoft software model for now