Assignment 7.1As a way to prepare for your Visual Argument p

Assignment 7.1As a way to prepare for your Visual Argument paper and to gather some feedback from me, please do the following:1. Complete all pre-writing steps for the paper.2. Decide on the societal change you want to demonstrate and select 3-5 ads from different time periods that can be used to demonstrate the change.3. Paste the links to the selected ads in the order of chronology (very old, less old, and more recent).4. By each link, record a statement – what does this ad demonstrate? Remember, you want all three (3-5) together demonstrate a change happening. So, each statement has something to do with that change.For example, I can select three ads and show how advertisements have been evolving from more or less accurate representation of a product into a form of entertainment that is meant to make the viewer aware of the product and form a positive mental image – connection with the product. Then, I would select a very serious, informative ad from ‘long time ago.’ I would find another ad of the same product that is about half-way between ‘long time ago’ and today. I would look for an add that is less informative but more entertaining. Finally, for my final example, I would look for a recent ad of the same or similar product that is pure fun and little if any information. My links would be arranged in the chronological order, and by each link I would record something about being serious/informative, humorous/lighthearted, not informative, and so on.Notice that I deliberately chose to illustrate a change that does not quite go with the prompt offered for your consideration. This is just an example!5. Lastly, record your tentative thesis statement. Your thesis should directly respond to the prompt and be arguable in nature. Being arguable means that an equally intelligent student can disagree with your position on advertisements and changes in societies.For example, observing that advertisements got shorter with time would not be an arguable statement. This information is easily verifiable and is indeed a fact. One can’t argue with the facts, but one can argue the interpretations of the facts. Thus, I would argue that shortening of ads has no noticeable negative effect on viewers. Or, I could argue that because of the shrinking televised ads, marketers see YouTube as the advertising platform of the very near future.Please, copy and paste your links, statements and Thesis in the submission text box via ‘Write Submission’ button.