artworks from prehistory to 1400

To begin, select an theme focusing on artworks from prehistory to 1400 looking at a tie between these cultures and the contemporary world. For example, you might look at classical Greek architecture and the parallels to more recent architecture. Or, you may look at Gothic cathedrals and look for parallels in today’s world.ÿThe idea is to show the influences of these now ancient cultures on contemporary symbolism and culture.ÿIn a paragraph, explain why you choseÿthe theme that you might explore.ÿSubmit by the end of week 2 the discussion forum. Discern whether you will be able to find sufficient research material to organize an exhibition around this themeÿand possible topic.ÿList at least 2 of your authoritativeÿreferencesÿwith a brief sentence or two describing the content of each one. Your professor will provide feedback.NOTE:ÿThis class covers art fromÿthe Middle Eastÿand Europe [only] from the Paleolithic period through the end of the Gothic era (23,000BCE-1400CE). Therefor projects need to be constrained to art from those periods and places.Deliverables:Statement of Interest and a PossibleÿThesis Statement2 Scholarly References Cited inÿMLA or APA formatCritical analysis of the sources presentedHere are some possible topic suggestions:ÿExhibition Suggestions*Some possible exhibition themes; students may suggest others:Materials and methods/techniques, such as stone, marble, bronze, stained glass, mural painting, mosaics, ceramics [pottery]Animals in art; Lions in art; snakes in artFigures on horseback; equestrian monumentsMasksPlants in art; Gardens in art; Fountains in artArt and graphics; from cylinder seals to illuminated manuscriptsFamily in art; Mother and Child in artMusic and processionsAthletics, sports in art; Roman Coliseum and other sports structuresBridges, aqueducts, baths and water or civic structuresTheatre in art; theatrical structuresMemorials to the deadPalaces; burial places; tombsJewish, Christian, and Muslim art: similarities and differencesDeath in artThe colossal in artDrapery in artProcessions in artTowers, Domes, Gates, Arches,Coins and medalsWater in art: fountains, vessels, bridges, baptisms,Art and the environmentCircular structuresGeometry and artDestruction of ancient art in the 21stÿcentury