Applying Health CareThis project is to help you learn more a

Applying Health CareThis project is to help you learn more about some measureshealth care providers do in the physical assessment of people.  This project has two parts that must becompleted. Part 1a:  Use the information from your textbook pages419 – 431 on how to take the vital signs of the following: (1) temperature, (2)radial pulse, and (3) respiratory rate. (Note: taking an apical pulse and taking a blood pressure are not partof this project.  If you happen to haveaccess to a stethoscope and a blood pressure cuff, and want to try takingapical heart rate and blood pressure that is fine, but it is not required forthis project).  Find five people who will volunteer to allow you to take theirvital signs.  You will also need to asktheir age, which will allow you to determine whether each person’s vital signsare within normal range for their age. Record your data below. Note: if you don’t have access to a thermometeryou should record any visible signs of body temperature (as indicated in yourtextbook). Record the vital signs in the following chart.Volunteer’sInitialsTemperatureRadial PulseRespiratoryRateAgeAre vital signs all within normal range forage?Part 1b:  Write two to three paragraphs detailing wherethe vital signs of your volunteers fall within “normal” parameters and providean explanation for any participant who did not have a “normal” reading. Explainpossible reasons for “why” a participant was outside the “normal” range.Part 2a:  Use the information from pages 435 – 439 inyour  textbook on how to measure heightand weight.  Find five people who willvolunteer to give you their height and weight, or who will allow you to measuretheir height and weight.  They can be thesame five who volunteered for Part 1. They should take off their shoes but are allowed to leave their clotheson.  Use each person’s data along withthe chart on page 439 to determine which of the four BMI categories they arein.  Record your data in the chart thatfollows.Volunteer’sInitialsHeightWeightBMI CategoryPart 2b: Evaluateyour five participants according to their BMI and choose two participants to write two to three paragraphs about followingthe outlined criteria. Based on the information you provided, use the five-stepproblem-solving process to develop a plan for their improvement. Even if one orboth of your participants are in the normal weight range, evaluate them if they are at a peak aerobic level or iftheir flexibility and strength could be improved. Project 3 will be gradedaccording to the following rubric:Exceeds CourseExpectationsMeets CourseExpectationsApproaches CourseExpectationsDoes Not Meet CourseExpectationsPoints4321Demonstrateknowledge of the content.Data collectionincludes all required data.Data collectionincludes most of the required data.Data collection doesnot include a significant portion of the required data._______Integrate andorganize content.Data collectiontable is well-organized and easy to read.Data collectiontable is somewhat well-organized but could be better.Data collectiontable is not organized or easy to follow._______Demonstrate abilityto evaluate data.Evaluations of dataare complete and accurate.Evaluations of dataare somewhat complete and/or somewhat accurate.Evaluations of dataare very incomplete and/or very inaccurate._____________Total