APA format graduate writing paper Proper citations and refer

APA format graduate writing paper Proper citations and references Include page or para number in citations within paper 3 or more APA format citations and references 3 or more references Based upon outline done in last paper for key assignment project paper for the following: Key Assignment: Part 1 You were assigned to prepare a presentation on the auditor’s public responsibilities for the short seminar. Use the CTU library and the Internet to cover the following issues: Because auditors must act with integrity and prioritize their public responsibility, discuss the conflict between the auditor’s client confidentiality obligations and the auditor’s ethical standards to gain the public trust. Explain and discuss how the Dodd-Frank Act and the whistle-blower program can protect accountants and auditors. Discuss why it is important for auditors to show evidence that they followed the ethical and professional standards. Words:900 words