Antitrust laws are intended to limit anticompetitive behavio

Antitrust laws are intended to limit anticompetitive behavior. Consider whether this intended result has been accomplished and whether this is good or bad for business.What is the difference between horizontal and vertical price fixing?Why do you suppose our society makes such practices illegal?Think about all the consumer protection laws and the added costs for businesses to ensure compliance. Have we gone too far with these laws, or do we need more regulation to ensure consumer protection?The requirement for restaurants and fast food chains with 20 or more locations to disclose calorie content of menu items.Why might this law have been enacted?In your opinion, is this law achieving its goal?Why or why not? Governance takes place when the Board of Directors, along with other external stakeholders, creates policy for management and organizations to follow. With that in mind, and whether this strategic approach should be replaced by the ‘holistic approach’ advanced by Mr. Smith.